Thursday, December 12, 2013
Lake Lt. Governor campaign kickoff brings out Governor Dukakis, grassroots supporters

Speaking to a packed house at Ben Franklin Institute of Technology for his official campaign kickoff event, Clinton White House appointee, President & CEO of Leading Cities, and Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mike Lake discussed his vision for the role as "Chief Marketing Officer" for the Commonwealth, noting that Massachusetts is in a global economy and "must be competitive in that global arena." Beyond discussing his international business credentials and his inspiring personal narrative of growing up the son of a high school-educated young widow, Lake discussed his campaign theme of what he refers to as the "Massachusetts Promise of opportunity that comes with high-quality education, job creation, and strong communities."

The audience was filled with an enthusiastic crowd who cheered loudly at the endorsement speeches from former Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts Governor Michael and Kitty Dukakis, marking only the second time Governor Dukakis has endorsed a candidate in a statewide primary election. “Earning the endorsement of a political statesman and icon like Governor Dukakis is a tremendous honor....The support of Governor and Mrs. Dukakis demonstrates the strength of our campaign’s vision, our commitment to grassroots organizing and our momentum entering 2014,” said Lake.

Lake is a former volunteer connector for Boston World Partnerships (the organization that created this blog and to which the author of this post / editor also belonged) which was well represented in the crowd by other former connectors including Amit Dixit, Murali Nagendranath, Tim Fisher, Kit Murray Maloney, and Danielle Duplin.