Mike Lake, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Files Official Letter of Intent with State Democratic Party

(Boston, MA): Melrose native Mike Lake—a Clinton White House appointee and President and CEO of Leading Cities—submitted his official notice of his intention to seek the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s endorsement for the office of Lt. Governor.

“As Lieutenant Governor, I will bring a 21st century purpose to the office by serving as our Chief Marketing Officer, promoting Massachusetts throughout the nation and across the globe so that we can attract jobs and investment expanding our opportunities locally, and ultimately increase our state and municipal revenues,” said Lake.

Lake’s vision for the Lt. Governor’s office involves working to realize what he calls the Massachusetts Promise, economic empowerment and social justice through with high-quality education, job creation, and strong communities.

In December, former Massachusetts Governor and presidential nominee Michael Dukakis and his wife Kitty officially endorsed Lake for Lt. Governor, a rare endorsement as this is only the second time the Governor has endorsed a candidate in a competitive statewide primary since leaving office.

Mrs. Dukakis, speaking in support of Lake, said, “It’s not always that we get people like Mike Lake, who are as grounded and sensitive and caring without any arrogance and that's why I love this guy and all of us need to give him extra help to get him elected.”

Lake was appointed by President Clinton as Special Assistant for White House Operations and is the President and CEO of Leading Cities, an international organization that focuses on exchanging solutions to municipal challenges and creating jobs through business development.

More info on Lake and the campaign can be found at http://www.ElectMikeLake.com.

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