Mike Lake, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Pledges to Address Addiction

Boston – Mike Lake, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released his plan on Monday to address addiction and substance abuse across the Commonwealth.

“Almost every day, I read about an individual or a family that has been devastated by addiction. I believe that the Lieutenant Governor’s primary responsibility is to be responsive to the needs of the people of Massachusetts. Addiction is an issue clearly impacting thousands of families across the Commonwealth, and I am releasing this plan to send a clear message to those affected that our government will do its best to help those in need.”

The policy plan comes on the heels of a visit that Lake made to the Gavin House of South Boston, a nonprofit that serves people with addiction. During the visit, Lake pledged his support to help end addiction.

Key features of the plan include advocating for increased public funding, doubling the number of drug courts and supporting efforts to increase the number of treatment facilities.

A former appointee in the Clinton Administration, Mike Lake is the President and CEO of Leading Cities. He launched his campaign for Lieutenant Governor in March 2013 and has amassed support from activists, business leaders, labor unions, social justice organizations and major leaders, including former Governor Michael Dukakis.

Addressing Addiction


More than 200 people have died since November 2013 of addiction overdoses. Earlier this year, Governor Patrick proposed a $20 million dollar plan to combat opioid abuse.

We have – and must – continue to address this public health crisis. I will support public funding to prevent and address addiction and help people who have been most affected by this epidemic.

Prevention Campaign

Education is key. Part of my program involves engaging students throughout Massachusetts to increase awareness and empower kids to make smart choices preventing drug use and addiction.

Support the Efforts to Increase Drug Courts

I would advocate for a dramatic increase in the number of drug courts across Massachusetts. There are 21 drug courts in Massachusetts and we need to double that figure. Too many people in prison simply have addiction problems and need treatment, not jail time.

Increase Treatment Facilities

We currently need more detox beds and re-entry homes to address the needs of addicts. There are communities in Western Massachusetts without detox facilities leaving people in need without the access to critical resources.


We are in the midst of a public health crisis. Drug addiction impacts individuals, families and entire communities. This is a challenge that requires greater vigilance, smarter investment and the strength of our community.