Mike Lake Statement on Federal Government Shutdown

"Tragically, this federal government shutdown immediately affected Massachusetts families, children, veterans and some of the most vulnerable among us. Government is the institution that citizens place their resources and trust in exchange for protection and security. House Republicans are squandering that trust and putting partisan politics above protecting people. It is unconscionable that some Republicans have chosen the shutdown over the Affordable Care Act, which is a program providing millions of Americans with affordable healthcare and a program that both houses of Congress approved, the President signed, and the Supreme Court upheld. We have real problems that affect real people in real ways--we need real solutions and real leaders. I urge House Republicans to end this dangerous game they have started, to end the harmful assault on our veterans and our families, on the poor and the disadvantaged. I urge these Republicans to end this unnecessary shutdown and return to the noble work that they were elected to do--solving our nation’s problems, not creating them."