National Organization for Women (NOW) Endorses Mike Lake for Lt. Governor

Boston – The campaign of Mike Lake, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor for Massachusetts, received another endorsement Monday from the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Donna Denoncourt and Nancy Rosenblum, Mass NOW PAC Co-Chairs said, “There is no other candidate in the field who exemplifies equality and social progress more than Mike Lake. NOW is pleased to lend our support to Mike Lake, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor and we are confident that the people of Massachusetts will have an advocate in him.”

Lake said he was humbled to have the support of NOW.

“I could not be more thrilled to have the support of such an esteemed organization,” Lake said. “NOW has labored for decades in the fight for equality and justice for women and families not only across the Commonwealth, but the country, too. NOW speaks to the progressive principles that guide my campaign and the grassroots element that powers it forward.”

A former appointee in the Clinton Administration, Mike Lake is the President and CEO of Leading Cities. He launched his campaign for Lieutenant Governor in March 2013 and has amassed support from activists, business leaders, labor unions, social justice organizations and major government leaders, including former Governor Michael Dukakis.